about kristine

kristine monsada was born in heart of the bay area but grew up in the desert of las vegas. from there she enjoyed spending time with family, creating random contraptions, and create her whole world inside her head. with a love for her childhood cartoons, kristine grew passion in creating art and analyzing animation. kristine wanted to create her own cartoons and explore more of the technology behind animation.

with art, kristine also enjoys math and techology, eventually wanting to pursue a degree in computer science. with her knowledge, she wishes to apply early engineering topics to younger students and freelance art on the side. she currently attends university of nevada, las vegas and plans on graduating spring 2022! one day kristine hopes to apply her love for art, teaching, and computer science into a career.

other than that, you'll find kristine at a coffee shop drinking tea or hot cocoa, playing games, or rewatching sitcoms!